Co-Presidents Benson Hill and Jim Hill


As you know, several of our members who we usually rely upon will not be with us for this holiday season.

But, with everyone's help we will rise to the occasion and still have a meaningful set of services.

The schedule, which is similar to past years, is available on the home page. Note that the major difference will be due to Rosh Hoshannah falling on Shabbat this year. So we will have to have the Shofar Sounding and Tashlich Service on Sunday, rather than the same afternoon as the primary services as we normally do.

I plan to use the basic flow and skeleton of the services that we used last year, but if anyone has any suggestions for improvement I would love to hear them!

PLEASE, if you would like an honor such as an Aliya let me know ASAP so that I can try to accommodate as many people as possible who would like receive an honor. Alternatively, if you do not want an honor, but if you are willing to read a short verse or poetic passage during services from your seat, I need volunteers!!!

I promise to provide guidance and copies of the readings prior to the services for anyone who volunteers so they will have an opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with their readings.

I am once again incredibly honored to be asked to serve as Shaliach Tzibur again this year. I'm looking forward to serving my friends and family. May the Holy One find me worthy.


Jim Hill and Benson Hill - Co-Presidents

Linda Levy - Vice President
George Copen - Treasurer

Leslie Mart - Trustee
Michelle McCaine - Trustee
Marc Perler – Trustee

Marc Perler - Religious Leader
Ron Baker - Education Leader

Linda Levy - Library

Benson Hill - High Holidays Coordinator